The Sacred Anatomy Secret

Your Powerful Energy Boundary

A Free Class with
SAEM Founder, Desda Zuckerman

An Introduction to the Massive Energy Structure
that extends far beyond your physical body

You are more than you think –
Live as a co-creator with Divine Source

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Establish a relationship with your Sacred Anatomy!

Do things sometimes get “under your skin”?

Do you ever wish you had a buffer,
some spiritual space around you!

I’m here to tell you that your subtle energy system reaches out over 20 feet from your physical body, providing all of the “space” you’ll ever need.

But to enjoy that space, you need to go there – to the Edge of your Sacred Anatomy – to find a “skin” that allows you to be in the world with the “space” you need to feel like yourself.

I’ve brought people to their Edge for many years – and it feels like home.

Something so new, yet so familiar, your birthright as a human being.

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In this free class, I will share my “Edge Origin Story”, how I discovered this secret alternate state, and how it has become part of my life.

And, I will bring you to your own Edge, to give you a glimpse of what is possible.

At the Edge, you discover a real energetic boundary that you can bring into your own daily life.

You are the calm in the storm

You are the witness with no judgment

Join me on July 8 for an amazing hour, and discover something about yourself that you never knew, but always suspected


What students have to say

“I feel more love and safety than any time in my life.”

“My life experience has shifted positively and it is just possible that yours can, too. Feeling so blessed by the easy practices taught in a playful, heartfelt way by Desda in her online classes. Knowing how to quickly return to a state of balance and calm at any moment is a marvelous gift. We are so much more than we know and I feel more love and safety than any time in my life.”

Suzanne Meile ~ Minnesota

MORE LOVE from Participants

“What a blessing!”

“Once when asked how Desda’s work was helping me, I suddenly realized that I no longer was bogged down with profound angst. Curiously, I wasn’t aware I had it until it was gone from my energetic structure. That had just been my ‘normal’ for so long. What a blessing!”

Nancy Randall

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