The Earthwork Series

The Sacred Anatomy of the Planet Earth

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Truth is, we live in a conscious universe.

Consciousness is the energy that binds us all, and energy is intelligent. We can sense it, we can interact with it, we can build relationships with it.

Everything we know in the material universe has an energetic field, its own intelligence. Rocks and trees have an energy structure – very different from each other, and very different than we humans. Our earth and the distant stars each have their own unique energy structures, and we have felt and chronicled their impact on our lives from time immemorial.

So, what is it about the Earth’s energy? After all, this is where we evolved, and we have such a strong connection to our Home Planet.

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In these five sessions, we will each explore our relationship with the Great Mother, Earth. We will learn to make a deep connection with Nature Spirits, Tree Spirits, Rock People, Elemental Energies, Land Entities, Devas, and the guardians of the land. Through ritual, celebration and remote experiential hands-on techniques you will learn how to effectively and safely do powerful Earthwork. Unlock the ancient knowledge every human being carries apply it in this current time. Together we will blend contemporary approaches with the timeless sacred and in doing so, open doorways into a more awakened bond with this planet.

I’m especially excited about our first module on May 14 which is free and open to all. Our subject is “The Sacred Anatomy of the Planet Earth”, and this will be the very first time I have ever taught this new information. In this module you will learn about our planetary energy flows, the structure and the subtle organs of the Earth’s Sacred Anatomy. Most importantly, you will learn to develop an intentional relationship with this huge energetic field, our Mother Earth.

It’s been many years since my last Earthwork series. I’ve received so many requests to dive back into this material, and this is the time. Join me as we come full circle back to my first love, the big Mama of us all… the planet, Earth – She is calling out to us for connection even more than she has in the past.

Let Nature reveal your true nature!


  • Exploring vortexes- identifying, assessing and shifting when appropriate
  • Communicating with plants, rocks, and trees
  • Dowsing for Earthwork
  • Identifying ley lines and crossing points in the Earth
  • Building and tending a Nature Spirit Altar
  • Locating and activating a Sacred Site
  • Protecting a property boundary with a good neighbor fence and more!
  • The truth about Nature Spirits- faeries, elementals and land entities
  • The difference between a Natural Portal, the Queen Tree and the Over-Lighting Deva of a site or region

The series is now closed
It may be repeated and expanded in the future

Class Program

This is an online course. Focus, and activity of the class may change at teacher’s discretion. You will work with your land, and find the best place for an altar on your very own property.

Free Class, Module 1

The Sacred Anatomy of the Planet, Earth

Focus: The anatomy of the planet. The energetic layers, Planetary Electromagnetic Field and it’s containing membrane, the Elimination System, Template (nervous system), the Bones of Light- the Edge and Channel, the Blended Energy System (chakras and core), and the Harmonizing Network (the sound of our planet)

Activity:  Experience how your own structure aligns to the planetary energies


REAL LOVE for Desda’s work

“I highly recommend this course.
You’ll learn things you never imagined…”

“Learning about Earthwork with Desda is a very useful thing. I use the skills and tools frequently and have helped many clients to correct problems on their properties, from easing geopathic stress to rerouting underground rivers and lakes to making offerings to the Devas and Guardians.”

“Working with the Elemental Beings and Spirits is not only fun, but it also helps land to heal. I highly recommend this course. You’ll learn things you never imagined, you’ll have a great time and increase your skillset exponentially, and the Earth will be a better place because of it.”

Barbara Musser, Senior Practitioner Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine

“I have gained healing, insight, and an
entirely new way of looking at the world.”

“I’ve known and studied with Desda for over two decades. Her unique ability to see and witness my sacred anatomy has been a constant invitation to shed self-limiting ways of being and shift toward profound life changing growth.”

“Through her teaching, I have gained healing, insight, and an entirely new way of looking at the world. Her work continues to transform many, many lives. Thanks to Desda, I have learned to see the invisible, know the unknowable, and share these gifts with my clients. If you have a chance to study with her, do it.”

Regina Schulman, Bradford MA, SAEM Senior Practitioner, M.Ed., LCMT, NCTMB

Module 2

Connecting with and Sensing the Earth in Safety!

Focus: Sensing the Earth, ethics and permission. The difference between a Natural Portal and a vortex. Identifying, assessing and shifting them when appropriate.

Activity: Communicating with plants, rocks and trees–Reclaiming damaged land- Protecting a property boundary- containing space- what do we own? Making peace with disturbed land. A deep connection not only with the Earth but your own land- learning how to walk in safety on the planet.

Module 3

Dowsing for Earthwork:
Tracking the Subtle Energy Maps in the Earth

Focus: Dowsing for Earthwork.

Activity: Identifying ley lines and crossing points in the Earth. Locating hidden springs, water and currents of energy in the Earth. An expansion on the EDGE.

Module 4

Sacred Sites, Altars and Calling Upon Unseen Helpers

Focus: Locating and activating a Sacred Site – The secrets of calling upon and working with nature spirits- faeries, Devas, elementals and land entities –the Queen Tree and the Over-Lighting Deva of a site or region and how to interact with them.

Activity: Building and tending a Nature Spirit Altar (to shift land). Working with found objects. How to listen to natural direction and how to choose which object to collect and use. Developing relationships with unseen beings and specific special Earth healing energies.

Module 5

Healing the Earth- Earth Acupuncture and Restoring the Planet – Defining and Releasing the Toxic: Ghosts to Gamma Radiation

Focus: Releasing toxic and held land- releasing culverted or contained streams and waterways. Rebalancing the Earth. Natural and unnatural expression as it releases in land. Toxic areas and Release Portals for ghosts and difficult energy trapped in the land.

Activity: Earth acupuncture and flower essences for Earthwork. Rescue Release…

The Free Class is in our Member Resources…
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