So What is a Webinugget????

Do you subscribe to the meme that spirituality is heavy and significant?
That to be spiritual implies seriousness and hard work?

I Don’t!

Scroll down for your Webinugget!

Spirituality is part of our birthright as humans, the same as we rejoice in the sunshine on a summer’s day, and wonder at the stars at night.

To build a relationship with our own Sacred Anatomy, we make that invitation with joy and playfulness – and in this way, we invoke the sacred within.

These “Webinuggets” are a fun, simple, and quick journey into your relationship with the Sacred Anatomy, and your own capacity for transformation.  They are a playful invitation to your own divine nature – calling on that inner knowingness that creates the space for transformation.

Yes, they are a bit silly, and a bit fun.  Wouldn’t you like a bit more of that in your life?

Click on the titles to download the audio, and yes, SHARE!

My sincere wish is that they lighten your load, and add to the joy and delight you find in each new day.



Just listened to your Webinugget
Baby you rock!

I walked away with a big smile and a buzzed energy field. You are one of a kind girlfriend!

xox Aimee Bernstien – Somatic Life Coach, Boynton Beach, FL

aimee-Bernstien square copy


Jackie Vandergriff, Fitchgurg MA


Thank you so much. Your energy is wonderful and makes me smile.

Your soul is so alive giving out love and light to the world.
In these uncertain times, we have to keep putting our energies out to the planet.

Sat Nam – Chris Johnson, New Zealand