Sangha Garden

2020 & 2021

Dear Friends,

Along with being an author, healer, teacher and speaker, I am an ordained minister. Perhaps this is the most foundational of my credentials, and expresses my deepest desire to create community and healing.

We began our series of Sanghas in March 2020, the beginning of the Covid lockdown.  In a time of “social distancing” I knew that we needed each other and the warmth of community more than ever. And so, we launched our monthly online community gathering – a Sangha.

The word Sangha is from the Buddhist tradition, and is used today to describe a group of people who gather to meditate and contemplate spiritual matters. That is what we did with our Sangha Garden.

Each month I spoke to the events unfolding in our world today, and lead a guided meditation to bring us all into a deeper sense of our own divine nature, and a world of infinite possibilities.

We are fortunate to have the option of gathering online, and I thank you for participating in this series, whether live or through the recordings. 

This has been a time when many of us are looking inward, considering our lives and the deep values that we hold. There will be another side, and we can do our part by laying the groundwork for the person we will be when that time comes.

When we awaken to our inner spiritual strength, we foster the resiliency that we need to recover and expand regardless of the circumstances.

Thank you for joining me, we can do this together and lift us all.


Much Love,