Sacred Anatomy 

Medicine Bag Training

An Initiation for the Contemporary Shaman
with SAEM Founder, Desda Zuckerman

A New Perspective on Healing and Ritual
Based in the Sacred Anatomy
A Modern Approach to Ancient Traditions

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SAEM Medicine Bag Training

Healing Gifts of the Unseen World

Dear Friends,

As the energies for the advanced class, Sacred Anatomy Medicine Bag start to build I am thinking more and more about the changes to the design of the course I am making for this new online format. Last year in the middle of Med Bag we were forced by the pandemic to move online where we adapted on the fly. In April, 2020 I taught something I never thought I would on Zoom. What had been a leap driven by circumstance turned out to be an amazing journey into a new way of presenting and absorbing these subtle materials. Now, after over a year of reflection on the shape of this class I have redesigned it and newly expanded it for the online format.

For a long time I have wanted to add more beautiful ceremony and sacred ritual to the class experience. I have been locked into teaching in a certain way. These changes have been really liberating for me as I hope they will be for you. Because we will meet weekly over a 3-month period I will be freed up to teach in greater depth than I usually do and I will add bits and pieces to old standbys to increase effectiveness and capacity.

All About Medicine Bag

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Class Details

Med Bag will include:

    • The breakthrough procedure, Venting Trauma & Pain will now add a ritual for the release of Trauma that I have used personally for years to incorporate a more shamanic view.

    • I am initiated into the Lineage of the Rainbow Lights and I will bring more of these powerful secret teaching into the curriculum again expanding the way we do the procedure: the Rainbow Lights and how we use them in SAEM

    • We will continue to bring the old Med Bag favorites of:

    • Releasing the 12 Radiant Karmic Points,

    • Removing a Karmic Death Weapon,

    • The hugely impactful, Signatures, Generators, & Attunements,

    • Removing Simple Karmic Wounds,

    • Simple Removal of Nuisance Possessions, &

    • 36 MORE Source Energies- & how to use them as tools, helpers, & energizers.

    • The HEMF Suite has also been expanded to include: Emotional HEMF Signature Release & Re-firing the Reflective Chakra

    • MORE Sacred Anatomy, SAEM Principles, Skills & Techniques to attune to the client & deepen the relationship
    • All this gives the Med Bag Carrier a bigger platform to bring to their client.

    • We will dig deep into your personal relationship with your Four Aspects of the Authentic Self and you will learn how to use them to guide your life as you dawn the Mantle of the Healer

    • The SAEM Ending Protocol– to fully integrate, blend, stabilize the structure & witness the transformative process!
    • Global Healing for Humanity will be a special focus and as we grow together we will share the benefit with our brothers and sisters!

Class Details & Application

Sacred Anatomy Medicine Bag has been retooled to reflect the times we are living in and the needs we all have to support our collective well-being. We at Sacred Anatomy Academy are about growing and stepping up to the challenges we face right now. Please join this new opportunity to make a difference, to promote wholeness and the sacredness of awakening to others by accepting your own gifts. Through this certificated course you will open the gateway to your own talents, free up your Authentic Self and began to use your soul’s potent energy as the authentic driver of your true purpose for being. 

One of the unexpected gifts of moving all of my teachings online has been that the content and approach at every level have been reviewed, considered, and reconsidered.  Not just because we are meeting online, but because the requirements for successful living today have shifted, and we all need to go deeper.

There are some logistical changes – we’ll meet weekly for 14 weeks, instead of two full weekend days every month.

There will be a greater focus on the Shamanistic aspect of Sacred Anatomy – how our deepest 21st Century yearnings can be met with an understanding of the true nature of ritual, the most ancient healing tradition.

There will be a greater focus on the magic of healing and working with energy.

How do we purposefully create the “space” – that magical environment – within which our clients (and ourselves) may heal?

How do we make that quantum leap to a new way of being in the world?

These 14 weeks will be filled with powerful instruction in SAEM clearings, procedures, and healing techniques. You will develop a true “medicine bag” to use during your own one-on-one sessions with your classmates, your family and your friends.  By the end of this course, you will be a certified Medicine Bag Carrier, able to confidently engage in a professional session that reveals your client’s truest nature and creates a container for transformation.

And along with so many techniques and procedures, always focusing on the fundamentals of how to invoke the magic of healing and transformation.

With Universal Love & Light,

Class Content

Signature Identification, Attunement, and Removal
Venting Trauma and Pain
Building and Working with Energy Generators to Support Healing
The SAEM Ending Protocol for Integration and Stabilization
Sacred Anatomy Fundamentals
Bringing in the “Big 24”- 24 Specific Universal Energies Used for Healing
Self-Care for the Healing Professional
Energetic Ethics- (When and How do I Work?)
Holding Space for Healing and Transformational Work
Extra Somatic Massage with the Human Electromagnetic Field
Energy Working Basics: Attuning to the Client, Conscious and Subconscious Interactions
Removing a Karmic Death Weapon and Soothing the Karmic Release Point
Advanced dowsing, working with thought forms, witnessing


Receive a Shamanic Initiation into the Mysteries of the Soul
Learn how to clear and work with crystals for healing and altars
Transmutation of oils, water, tinctures and objects with spiritual power
Establish your personal Medicine Bag filled with your sacred objects
Sacraments and rituals with new healing tools
Meet, engage and empower elementals


  • Home page online with access to documents, videos and logistics – updated regularly with new resources
  • Online chat room for the class using Keybase on your smartphone or computer.  It is an encrypted service we use to stay in touch, ask and answer questions, and check on how everyone is doing.
  • Multiple one on one sessions with class participants, building a strong bond with each other while exploring the depth of our being.


  • Active certification in a healing modality or equivalent experience
  • Completion of training in the Sacred Anatomy Edge and Energetic Hygiene
  • At least 3 documented SAEM Healing Sessions with a Certified Practitioner
  • Each student must complete and submit an application to be included in the Training
  • A $50 Application Fee to accompany the application
  • Personal interview with Sacred Anatomy Academy

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Bag is a prerequisite to Practitioner Training and all other advanced training with Desda Zuckerman

What is this really about?

While some may enroll in Medicine Bag to pursue their own interest in energy healing, it is a professional course where graduates are awarded a certificate at completion.  Along with your certificate, you are empowered to develop your own circle of clients and establish yourself as a practitioner of SAEM at the Medicine Bag Level.

The homework assignments in this course prepare you for this way forward.  You will be engaged in SAEM sessions with your fellow students, as well as your friends, family, and strangers.  You will engage with practice clients at your Edge, and document your sessions in a standard format.  Your session reports are reviewed by Desda and staff, active and engaged energy medicine practitioners dedicated to your success.  All of the practice, homework, and support are there to enhance your skill at working with others as a practitioner, whether in person, or remotely.

With the enhanced focus on the ritual and shamanistic roots of personal healing, you will gain insight and the ability to communicate with the deepest levels of the subconscious and the collective consciousness of humankind.

This course is a gateway into a new way of being, healing, and thinking.