Hello All Practitioners!

Master Class 21 is coming and I’m excited to share all the new ideas that have been evoked over the last year and a half. The “lock down” has been very productive for SAEM. I had the space to go deep and what to share what I “got” through this fascinating period.  I’m planning to include a response to some requests from Practitioners about deeper dives into their areas of interest as well as to bring my own voracious curiosity and constant experience to the class.

There will be 12 classes and each one will have a topic. I share these topics with you with the sanguine understanding that angelic inspiration may strike as it does and take us down a winding path totally unknown to me at this time! Each class will be 3 hours long and will have time for Q &A. We will meet 2 times a month except through the holidays when we will meet only once in early December.

As always, the classes will be recorded and available on your class pages within a few days of the live session.

Scroll down to “Class Content” to learn more about the material we’ll be covering!

Much love, see you at Masterclass!

Class Infomation

Class Dates


All classes are on the first and third Friday of the month

9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon PST

Except:  December 2021 & April 2022 (only the first Friday)

2021 – 11/5, 11/19, 12/3

2022 – 1/7, 1/21. 2/4, 2/18, 3/4, 3/18, 4/1, 5/6, 5/20

Check-In/Q&A sessions

All check-ins are held on
Tuesdays, 5:30 to 7:00 PM PST

2021 – 11/23

2022 – 1/25, 2/22, 3/29, 4/26, 5/24

As always, classes will be recorded and available within a day or two on your class pages


The entire series is priced at $1650 for 12 class sessions and 6 check-ins

Payment Options:

We want to make this work for everyone who wants to be in the class.

Here are some options, please contact if you’d like to discuss

Payment in full, $1650 – or –

$275/month for six months

$330/month for five months
All Payment Options are available here….

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Class Content

These 13 topics are what I am currently planning to teach and explore with you during this deeply elevating class (some topics may not make it into the final class depending on the motion of the ocean and the atmospheric temperament!):

  1. Subtle Light Matrix-
    1. Healing bones
    2. Rebuilding the matrix
    3. Awakening the growth power of the matrix
    4. New anatomical location where the SLM is blended and produced for use
  2. Deeper Understanding of the Harmonizing Network-
    1. What makes it tick? The Harmonizing Circuit
    2. How does it really affect us? The impact of disharmonic and harmonic frequencies
    3. How does the Harmonizing Network inspire expand and stimulate the rest of the sacred anatomy?
    4. Are there other Harmonizing energies? Principles? Functions that we can harness? How to expand upon the 9 energies
    5. Witnessing
    6. Stabilization and De-stabilization- Re-stabilization- the might trinity of growth.
  3. Cognitive Layer- especially the power of the POT.
    1. Implanting good thoughts
    2. Pulling weeds and other Negative Tragedies- out- and ending them.
    3. Karma and the Cognitive Layer- how Karma affects the future through the Cognitive portals.
    4. Restoring the Beautiful Innocent Being- rediscovering your inner Adam and Eve
  4. Types of Source Energies-
    1. Workers
    2. Tools
    3. Potentiators
    4. Refreshers
    5. Renewal
    6. Rejuvenators
    7. New energies and how all energies are used most effectively- New understandings of the receptor sites and super receptor sites
  5. Deeper Dowsing for Master Assessment
    1. Accuracy?- getting out of your own way
    2. Deeper information- diving deep into the subtle fields to retrieve information
    3. Pulses as diagnostic data miners
  6. Layers- Etheric Layer Wisdom and Use
    1. Etheric Reading- uses and the potential of using your own intuition to connect with the client’s etheric for vital information and direction
    2. More about traveling on the caverns
    3. Etheric Librarians and their use in SAEM
  7. Group Healings
    1. How to know if you are ready. How to do them effectively
    2. Where and when and who?
    3. Protocol for the small and mid-sized groups-
    4. What your responsibility is and as your gift expands so does your SA commitment.
  8. Cancer Treatment
    1. Cancer protocols I have developed I want to share.
    2. The full removal of the signature
    3. Time travel to the start of the cancer signature
    4. Cancer clients- their need to control the process- how each person has a different causative experience-
    5. To witness is never about you. When a cancer client opens up- do not ever stomp on their ideas about why they are sick- instead listen and help them re-frame their beliefs and ideas to support their movement forward into healing. Your responsibility is to elevate the conversation.
  9. Extragenesis
    1. What is it?
    2. Why does it matter?
    3. What to do with it?
    4. How it changes your thinking about healing
  10. Generators ++-
    1. Venting with generators
    2. Splenic generator and immune health extraordinaire
    3. Normalizing generator- mental health- stabilizing physical health
    4. The Radiant Points generator- to resolve Karmic fixations
    5. Super Generator for longer use
  11. Quantum Resonation and greater Elimination System Health
    1. The little wheels pack a big punch-
    2. Attachment vs entanglement and how to cope with both releasing attachment and severing persistent entanglements
  12. Emotional Layer- expansion and beauty
    1. Signatures as life-long orientation
    2. How to release them completely
    3. Lasting trauma- ongoing deep trauma that holds in this layer
    4. Emotional replay and releasing the stuck feelings of sadness, abandonment and shame
  13. Entity Attachment Attachment-
    1. Psychitis- the obsession with and the need to hostess the entities and astrals of your world- discovering the cause, releasing it and turning demons into allies.
    2. The need to be possessed- to give away the power- the fixation on death and dying- the fear and the drama -Are your clients budding death doulas or mental cases?
    3. New helpful entities AND new type of astrals who have value to the client.