Why do I use a dowsing rod?

We are all sensitive to some degree, but the “degree” is often very subjective. Tools of all types have a way to gauge “how much” or “how far” or “how long”, but the subjective nature of sensing energy makes it necessary to quantify if we are to be taken seriously.

I first began to dowse in 1974 after being introduced to an amazing man named Bob Mahaney. Bob was an engineer at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Lab, and had a profound interest in Karma, Spirituality, and energetic healing. He used a dowsing rod of his own design (pics below) to quantify the measurement of karmic and energetic events. I took one day long class to learn how to dowse. His healing sessions had a great influence on my development as a healer and teacher of what would later become SAEM.

Bob was a large man, with big hands, and his dowsing rod reflected his size. He took the approach of many old-time dowsers, that it was better that he did not feel or sense energy. Rather, he just measured it. I purchased my first dowsing rods from him, and I practiced constantly.

I immediately began to integrate my own sensitivities and perspective into the dowsing. I used the rod to distinguish different energies, different parts of the Human Energy Structure. The addition of the Edge made it possible to sense more deeply with less attachment.

In the late 1990’s I held my first workshop, teaching the Edge Technique and some basic dowsing and procedures. After I distributed Bob’s rods to the class, one of the students let me know that he could build these things, and we could come up with a design that fit my style. At that moment, the quest for the perfect dowsing rod began.

YSA Classic Steel Rod

Anthony Salazar and I kicked around some ideas and developed what would become our basic design for the next 20 years. It was smaller, and had some improvements that stabilized the rod, and allowed us to attain a greater level of sensitivity.

When Anthony could no longer build rods for us, we entered our years of wandering in the “desert”, switching builders every few years, and regularly changing design aspects, always trying to upgrade the quality. We never really had the design or manufacturing process that could match the degree of sensitivity with which I used the rod and taught to my students.

So…enter Reason Bradley, the husband of one of our new practitioners. Reason is a master machinist and inventor with a full state of the art shop. He is creative and passionate and took us on as a labor of love. Finally, we had the collaboration and technical ability to build a dowsing rod that could truly be an extension of my own hand. Our quest for perfection had just made a quantum leap!

Bob Mahaney’s Rod, Custom Copper Barrel Rod, Custom Blue Hot Rod

Mahaney & SA Hot Rod – Size Comparison

We have already gone through a few iterations this year, and we now have a small batch of our new design. “It’s smaller, lighter, built to higher specifications, and is a tool that will match your sensitivity and up you one. It’s the instrument that teaches you to become a better player.”

We’re calling this design the “Hot Rod” ! The barrel is anodized aluminum and the rod is titanium. The brass fittings on the barrel are fluted so that it rests gently in your hand. It’s incredibly light and frictionless, and responds effortlessly.

And so, ladies and gentlemen…may I present to you the current iteration of my decades long quest for Dowsing Rod Perfection, the

Sacred Anatomy Hot Rod!

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Silver, Blue, Green, and Red Hot Rods
All colors are available now!
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We have a small quantity of red rods engraved with the Sanskrit phrase from the Heart Sutra:
“Gate Gate Paragate Para Sam Gate Bodhi Svaha”

There are many translations, but the essential theme is Beyond thought, beyond personal identity, beyond time, beyond individual consciousness.

“Onward, onward, ever onward toward the One”.


If you are curious about how this dowsing rod is used in Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, watch this video.

The sensing skills the student develops in learning this discipline are matched beautifully by the quality of the Hot Rod.

I know that what I’m sensing is the energy I’m focused on, and never a mechanical issue with the rod itself.

Love and light,


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