Your Foundational Wellness:
Love & Your Spacious Spirit

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Hello Dear Friends!

Spirituality is not an optional component of our lives, it is an essential now more than ever.

Spiritual Health & Wellness

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“I feel more safety than at any time in my life!”

“My life experience has shifted positively and it is just possible that yours can, too. Feeling so blessed by the easy practices taught in a playful, heartfelt way by Desda in her online classes.”

“Knowing how to quickly return to a state of balance and calm at any moment is a marvelous gift. We are so much more than we know and I feel more love and safety than any time in my life.”

Suzanne Meile, Minnesota

How do we bring this necessity into our lives in a practical, effective way?  My approach is to access the infinite and eternal nature of the vast subtle streams of energy that swirl around and through our physical bodies, and are always present, waiting for our approach.  We are our own link to universal consciousness.  This is anatomy, not just philosophy.  It is my fondest desire to share with you, the ways I have learned to access this expanded human potential for the good of all, and the evolution of our species.

Welcome to our free class!  Enrollment is closed now for the six session course “Spiritual Health & Wellness 2020.  However, there will be many more opportunities to study together this year and next.

Love & Light,

Spiritual Health & Wellness

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Live Q&A – Video Above

What fun!  I love working without a net, just responding to questions.

I was so glad to answer specific questions about the Foundational Wellness course, and then some.  Great questions, keep ’em comin’!

Your Foundational Wellness was the first class in the Six Module Series,

Spiritual Health & Wellness


“Opened the door!”

“It gave me words to describe things I’ve experienced before, and gave me a working knowledge of my structure. From here I feel that all things are possible.”

Kaela Danielle Dennis ~ New Mother!

“…more energy, more joy, more clarity, more fun!”

“Desda, your class is easy, fun to do, and creates extraordinary results. In the same way that physical well-being enhances the quality of a person’s life, learning how to become aware of and work with the body’s energy system takes one’s quality of life to the next level–more energy, more joy, more clarity, more fun! I recommend your classes for everyone!”

Deborah Bayer, Los Angeles, CA


  • What is your foundational wellness?
  • What is true immune strength?
  • How do I build up and not tear down my reserves?
  • What is the relationship between the Sacred Anatomy and my physical health?
  • Finding Immunity in spiritual connection


1 ~ Your Foundational Wellness: Releasing your stopped stuck debris

  • Make space in your Human Energetic Structure for the beneficial energies of a vital life
  • Fill up with love- prepare to become embodied!

2 ~ Anchor your spirit in your body with Embody Presence

Meditation: Balancing the Immune System:

Walk through the Primal Layer to create balance in the center of your instinctual heart –Tribe/DNA/Legacy/Instinct

  • Make the connection between love and immunity in each of these.
  • Expand the immune function and self-love/ family love/ life purpose

Reverend Desda Zuckerman is the pioneering cartographer of the detailed systems of the Sacred Anatomy, the subtle energy structure reaching out 20 feet from your physical body.

A healer, speaker, teacher and author, she is the founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine – the transformational healing modality and philosophy based on her lifetime of study and practice.