New Energies Download 2022

Saturdays, Aug 20 & Sept 17, 2022
9:00 AM to Noon, PDT


Ongoing Ed for SAEM Practitioners

The New Energies Download!

Spring, 2022 brought a powerful download of 30 (and a few more) brand new energies that I have been STRONGLY directed to share with SAEM Practitioners and Med Bag Carriers! These energies are contemporary. They are very helpful and needed at this time for use in SAEM sessions. The message is these are especially good for promoting general well-being during these times of big transformative change.

To share them all with you, Sacred Anatomy Academy has scheduled a two-class series – The first session is August 20, the second is September 17.  Each class is 3-hours long- 9AM-12PM. They are scheduled for Saturday mornings so more of you who work during the week can attend.

I am sharing ALL NEW ENERGIES- these are BRAND NEW ENERGIES- never before taught- of all types: NEW Multipurpose Use, Workers, Replenishers, Transformers, Cleaners, Builders, and Environmental are here!

This is open to both Practitioners and Med Bag Carriers- Register Now! Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

As always, the classes will be recorded and available on your class home page.

Please register now by selecting the link below.  The two classes are only $325, and you can pay over two or three installments if you like.

Blessings to you all,

Practitioners & Med Bag Carriers

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