The Essential Practice
The Sacred Anatomy Edge!

Take your Ferrari out of the garage!

Now online for the first time

A Six Week Streaming Class

Take the Conscious Leap

A Path of Practical Spirituality

Based on an understanding of your Subtle Energy Structure

Live classes will resume once it is safe to do so
See you then!

$495 for the weekend
$249 for Essential Edge Practice on Saturday
$279 for the Essential Energetic Hygiene on Sunday
Discount for repeating students
The Edge Practice is a prerequisite for Energetic Hygiene

If you would like to:

  • Establish meaningful energetic boundaries
  • Maintain your energy and effectiveness throughout the day
  • Distinguish between your issues and others
  • Give without being exhausted
  • Love without agenda
  • Bring purpose and grace into your life
  • Enhance your intuitive abilities without being vulnerable
  • Ground yourself into your own huge energy structure

Then Join us for the Essential Edge Practice!


If you would like to:

  • Identify and sever the unconscious connections that bind you to people, places and things
  • Stop absorbing the pain, & trauma of the people in your life
  • Call forth universal supporting energies for restoration & repair
  • Learn to dowse with your own Sacred Anatomy Custom Dowsing Rod
  • Witness and integrate the moment of transformation
  • Seal electronics to reduce your exposure to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • Clear all 8 layers of the human energy structure

Then Join us for Essential Energetic Hygiene!

Practical Solutions for Real People

I feel like myself again!

Just the Edge Practice alone has been a lifesaver.
With that daily practice and the Basic Clearing of the Layers I have regained a semblance of my true self.

Ivy Chou, Executive Assistant

I’m more joyful, less constricted and less confused, easier inside and out

All from this one weekend class!
I love this work. I practice it daily. It feeds me and continually brings new wisdom.

Terry Rhoades, PhD, Psychologist, Licensed California

All live classes are suspended at this time

Opened the door!

It gave me words to describe things I’ve experienced before, and gave me a working knowledge of my structure.
From here I feel that all things are possible.

Kaela Danielle Dennis – New Mother!

Discount for repeating students

The Edge (Saturday) is a prerequisite to Energetic Hygiene (Sunday)

These two classes are prerequisite to any advanced training with Desda

To learn more about the Edge Training, click here…

Live classes will resume when it is safe to do so


Learning a new way of being requires support –

Regardless of your intention, when you return home you’ll be dealing with the same people and situations, and the tendency is to return to your default way of being and interacting.  We want to help!

You now have a beautiful class home page on our website that you’ll be directed to as soon as you register.  Here you will find videos to prepare you for the course (concepts & philosophy) and additional material to help you maintain your new skills after the weekend (a deeper dive into the concepts, & videos you can practice with).  We also include a free bonus session a few weeks after the weekend – an online web conference where you can check in, ask questions and get support from Desda and your fellow students.

And as always, you receive a detailed and illustrated handbook for you to use during the class, and refer to for years.

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