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The Sacred Anatomy Edge

Dear Essential Practice Participants,

I am excited to share with you what might be the most important discovery of my life, the EDGE Practice. It provides a hygienic, conscious and compassionate way to interact with the subtle energy of life.

What you will learn throughout this course is a skill for a powerful energy boundary that will inform and even change your life. Using the point of view of your subtle structure the world changes and what seemed impossible becomes attainable.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the pain and suffering of a client or friend?
Do you sense how well a client is shifting during a treatment or a friend during a deep conversation?
Can you feel other people’s emotional and psychological stress?
Do you feel the debris of an argument or strong emotions left behind in a space?

If you have said “Yes!” to any of these questions, you have experienced a sacred anatomy response and you have already interacted with the intelligence of the subtle self. Some people are aware of and deeply feel these reactions all the time. However, most of us have learned how to turn off this sensitivity and so the subtle clues remain unseen, unnoticed or misunderstood in our busy daily lives.

Becoming aware of your sacred anatomy awakens the slumbering subtle self and brings it into a conscious relationship. Effectively empowering you to embrace life with greater clarity and compassion for yourself and those around you.

As we enter this new paradigm together, let us be grateful for the opportunity to open a long-closed doorway into the human mystery and to shed a little more light on just what it means to be a human being.

Let’s begin because to own a thing – one must first understand it.


For many of you, this is your first encounter with Desda and the Sacred Anatomy. We’ve recorded the videos and provided a few documents below to help you ease into the space of this work, and to make this journey a bit more real for you as you prepare for the course to begin.


The Essential Practice

Sacred Anatomy Basics

Subtle Anatomy Intelligence

Bursting Into Song

The Edge – Before & After

The Edge, What Is It?

Energy is Intelligence