The 13 Chakras

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It can be confusing to have materials in two different locations, so let’s see how this works.

Your class videos on Teachable correspond module by module to the materials available here.  As you go through module 1 on Teachable, you can take a look at the documents and images posted here to support you as you learn about your energetic structure, and your Chakras.  The materials here are meant to supplement your class videos on Teachable, and provide deeper insight into this new world of your Human Energetic Structure, and your 13 Chakras

You can use the button links below to access the materials, so click around and become familiar with the system.  We suggest that you proceed through the modules in sequence, since the material builds upon itself.

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Establishing The Ground

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Desda will be hosting a monthly class/Q&A on youtube.

This is open to all, and you can ask questions about the course, or anything else.

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Your Sacred Anatomy

An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure

To learn more about your Chakras and the rest of your energetic anatomy, Desda’s groundbreaking book is a huge resource.
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Training Materials

You can find the Free Class “Building Internal Stamina with Your Chakras”
on the Module 1 Page

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We have found that this format provides a powerful way for you to dig deeply into the magic of your own Sacred Anatomy, and sense the wisdom and power of the “unseen” all around us.

A foundation of insights and elegant practices that will open the door to a new way of seeing yourself and the world.