The 13 Chakras

of Your Sacred Anatomy

The Heartbeat of your Subtle Anatomy

Discover your greatest source of power

Everybody knows that there are Chakras.  For example, we can all identify our Heart Chakra, because we can feel the joy, the pain, the power that resides there.

But what is it really?  Does it have anatomy? Can it be harmed or healed?  Where does its power derive from?  What is its function?  How can we strengthen that source of energy?  How does it interact with the rest of our subtle energetic systems, or the other Chakras? If our Sacred Anatomy extends 20 feet in all directions, are there chakras above and below the physical body?  What are they, what do they represent?

So many questions!  I have the unusual distinction of being able to see these stunning anatomical organs, to know how they can be summoned to set your feet in the direction of your life’s purpose.

In this series, you will learn to sense these magnificent generators.  As you come to know them, you will be introduced to these profound sources of energy within you.  Yes, they are there for you to use, to propel your life forward.

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Eight classes, 13 Chakras


Are you curious?

  • What is a Chakra, and what do they do?
  • What do they look like?
  • What are the different types of Chakras?
  • How can I experience and support my own Chakras?
  • Basically, everything you ever wanted to know about Chakras

There are so many truly unique aspects of the Sacred Anatomy universe, but among them all, the Chakra System is one of the most amazing. Constantly moving universal source energies through our system and imprinting them with our own stamp of individuation – the chakras are the bridge between our Divinity and Humanity.

In these eight modules, you will learn to experience these powerful currents of energy, and establish your own personal connection with this great source of power at the very core of your being.

Class Content

Each Module contains experiential practices as well as anatomy.
You will experience the wisdom and energy of the Chakras, as well as understand how they work.

Module 1

Our first module is an introduction to the Sacred Anatomy of the Chakras, and other pieces of anatomy relevant to their function.

With graphics, rules for sensing chakras, and a discussion of common misconceptions, you will gain a sense of what the Sacred Anatomy Chakras are all about

You’ll learn what the Major Chakras are, where they are located, and how they differ from the Reflective Chakras in the Human Electromagnetic Field

Once we’ve gotten the lay of the land, it is time to delve into the individual Chakras, and their power and significance in you life

Module 2

In the second module, we begin our “tour” of the 13 chakras, beginning with the Divine Gate at the very top of the structure.

The Divine Gate is the entry point of the Core, the beginning of the individuation of the human spirit from its divine origin.

It is the Master Chakra, directly connected to the Four Aspects, the Sacred Anatomy equivalent of the “Higher Self”

For your life and vitality, it is the opening to all Source Energy.

Module 3

Proceeding downward from the top of the structure, we focus on two Chakras in this module.

The Star Chakra:  located just past the fingertips of your arms extended upward, at least 3 to 4 feet above the head.

It is the place of deep soul wisdom in the structure, where your spiritual nature takes shape and where soul identity and a higher purpose begin to form.

The Solar Chakra:  located 18 inches above the head -this is where spiritual purpose meets your life path and is defined as action.

This is where: “Why am I here?” begins to make sense.

Module 4

In this module, we enter the middle octave of the subtle spine and begin to explore the Chakras located in the physical body.

The Crown Chakra:  located at the peak of the skull in the bio-layer, on the top of the head.  This is the location of the baby’s soft spot, the fontanel, where plates of the skull are still malleable in infancy.

The Crown Chakra is the crossing point of the subtle into the material, and it is the place where spirit congeals into matter.

The Brow Chakra:  Located behind the center of the forehead, deep in the brain, near the pituitary and pineal glands.

It is the seat of life vision; your hopes and dreams take shape here.  From the Brow you see the big picture of your life.

Module 5

The Throat Chakra:  Located at the thyroid gland and the Adam’s Apple.

Here, truth becomes sound and frequency resonating in the world as you speak.

Through the Throat Chakra, you funnel your soul’s path and vision with the frequency of your own voice.

The Heart Chakra:  located behind the breastbone in the center of the chest at the level of the heart.

To give and receive both love and hate is the greater spiritual purpose of the heart chakra.

The function of the heart is not only about being filled with love.

It holds space for the possibility of love and all that it represents, including its opposite.

Module 6

The Solar Plexus Chakra:  located in the center of the upper abdomen above the stomach, navel and waist.

Emotional exchange is a key to deeper understanding and it is directed by the wise solar plexus chakra.

To share and experience a wide emotional life, communicating and sharing emotions with others is the gift of the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Dan Tien Chakra:  Located two to five inches below the belly button toward the spine.

The Dan Tien is all about personal power. Seizing control of your life starts by returning your presence to the gut.

It is from here that individual personal power manifests into material reality.

Module 7

The Root Chakra:  located in the physical body at the base of the spine.

The most primal of the chakras located in the bio-layer, the root is the home of survival instinct, sexual nature, and the urge to procreate.

It is the will to survive, to continue living, and to anchor the being within the structure.

The Lunar Chakra:  suspended in the foundational emotion strata of the emotional layer just between the ankles, it is the focal point for the life path.

In the same way that the solar brings the spiritual path into clarity, the lunar brings the work of a life into focus and functional implementation.

Module 8

The Axis Chakra:  Located beneath the physical body, 18 to 24 inches beneath the soles of the feet.

Suspended in the primal layer, this is where you tap into the power of the planet and our own personal stores of chi.

From this Chakra, you connect with the Earth and all the Human Species.

The Chi Pool:  Located at the very bottom of the structure, 10 to 20 feet below the body.

This is the point of exit of the Core, the location of your great pools of reserve energies (Chi) that restore and replenish the vital subtle life force of the structure.

How the Class Works

We have found that these teachings translate surprisingly well into an online format. We stream using Zoom, and we have many ways to deepen and personalize your experience and learning.

For those who have not participated in one of our online classes, this is how it works:

  • First, you create a profile (user ID & password) to log into Tribe Sacred Anatomy. There you will have access to this course and any other online courses in which you are enrolled.
  • The class home page is your launching pad for all information and training materials.
  • There you will find the zoom links, the dates, announcements, and other information relevant to the entire course. We post a glossary, and a number of videos designed to introduce you to the course, and help you get started and into the flow.
  • From the class home page, you can go to:
  • The Class Video Page – the recordings (video & audio) of each module will be posted within a day or two for you to view and/or review
  • On the Class Video Page – Each module is accompanied by additional material for you to use, to go more deeply into the material.  We provide supplementary videos, pdf documentation of practices taught in class, and graphics of the anatomy that is described in the class
  • Support with a closed chat group – Ask questions, share experiences, and find support within the group as well as from our SAA Staff. Desda and Cheryl watch the dialog regularly and make sure that each question is answered. The voice feature on the app allows for spoken responses to your questions – so that answers may be longer, deeper and more nuanced than might be possible by typing.
  • Each of the eight classes include Q&A segments

We have found that this format provides a powerful way for you to dig deeply into the magic of your own Sacred Anatomy, and sense the wisdom and power of the “unseen” all around us.

A foundation of insights and elegant practices that will open the door to a new way of seeing yourself and the world.